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Laser Edge Services

What we do

Laser Edge Services is specialized in processing rough and polished diamonds with the laser. We make use of the latest laser technology and processing methods.

Our team of highly skilled professionals handles the diamonds with great attention: the ideal combination of technology, innovation & craftsmanship.

We cleave, saw, brute, mark, drill and make inscriptions. You can also consult us for both rough and polished diamonds.

To perform our services we use the dEdge M1 laser system. This self-developed laser can also be delivered to diamond companies

Laser system

The dEdge M1 laser system is a multifunctional laser machine for a wide range of diamond processing operations. Both gems and industrial diamonds can be manipulated.

The dEdge M1 laser is the result of 25 years of experience in diamond processing. In this new system we use contemporary laser and software technology.

Programming and manipulating happens independently in this innovative laser system. Therefore the execution part can operate continuously and unmanned.


  • Consultancy rough and polished diamonds

  • Lasermarking

  • Cleaving (lasercarving)

  • Lasersawing

  • Laserbruting

  • Polishing Services

  • Laser Inscription




Hoveniersstraat 12 bus 21

2018 Antwerp

: +32 3 485 85 00


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