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Sawing is executed for the same reason as cleaving, but the process is entirely different. Sawing is often done against the natural direction of the diamond. Comparing sawing to cleaving, sawing is more advantageous because it retains the points of the stones.


Before sawing, the diamond will be put in a copper shell with the aid of a mixture of glue and plaster. This attachment will be heated. When the mixture is hardened, the shell will be attached to the sawing machine.

According to the traditional method, the diamond is placed against a vertical rotating disk, allowing the stone to be slowly sawed. A cut octahedron gives immediately two pyramids which is a good basis for two brilliants. If you would cleave the same stone, you could get the same two brilliants after a lot of polishing end therefore a lot of weight loss. The sawing of big stones with the traditional method can take days or even weeks.


At Laser Edge services, we use the latest generation of laser machines. Before sawing with a laser, the stones will be placed in copper caps. Then the stones are programmed using a separate set-up system. Then the shells are placed under the laser and this laser machine will saw automatically all the programmed stones. 

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